After a wet start to the month of May, from May 14th it started pouring over Bosnia and Serbia. In the days to May 20th more rain fell than normally falls in three months. On the hilly Balkans, the water could not disperse, rather it raged from the hills into the valleys. The rivers overflowed. Tens of people died. Tens of thousands had to leave their homes and hearths in a rush. These people have nothing left. The houses that were not destroyed have been left under piles of rubble and mud. Their animals, at least those that survived, have been left without feed or food.
These people need help, help that cannot quickly or easily be provided by their governments.
Suffering from the consequences of war and economic crises, Bosnia and Serbia are not resilient. But their people are proud. Those who can have moved in with their extended families. They rely on family and friends. Even though we may not know them, we want to be their friends. That is why we have created SOSBalkan. That is why we collect. That is why we deliver that aid and that is why we make sure these people are helped.
Do you want to join us and be a friend for these people?